2017/18 Fixtures

Please note that except for the Members Open and the Club Championships, members may play "foursomes" in any event listed single stableford - it is an option available. Scores in Foursomes events will not count for handicap purposes, but will count for the annual GOTY.

2017/18 Fixtures
Date Event Venue
6-Aug "Foursomes ( ""Doubles"") " Malvern Valley
20-Aug 9 Holes, AGM and Presentations Burbley (10.30am)
27-Aug Single stableford Malvern Valley
7/8 Sept WA Open Collier Park
17-Sep "Foursomes ( ""Doubles Cup"" ) " Malvern Valley
5/6 Oct NSW Open Bankstown
8/9 Oct ISPS HANDA Australian Open Royal Sydney
22-Oct Single stableford Malvern Valley
12-Nov Stablford -Members Open Malvern Valley
10-Dec "Foursomes ( ""Doubles"")-Xmas BBQ " Burnley
21-Jan Single stableford Malvern Valley
25-Feb Round 1 Club Championships Malvern Valley
5-6 March Victorian Open Rosebud C/C
8/9 March ISPS HANDA 2018 Australian Open Rosebud C/C
25-Mar Round 2 Club Championships Malvern Valley
13-16-April Interstate Challenge NSW v Vic Yass NSW
May ? Australian Stableford Date TBC Adelaide Shores
27-May Caddies championship Malvern Valley
17-Jun Long Handicap Day Malvern Valley