picture of Blind golfer Jeff Ellis and caddie Brian Leeming

Blind golfer Jeff Ellis (R) and caddie Brian Leeming

A hole in one is a rare achievement for the best of golfers; but when you've only got 10% of your vision it must become even more difficult.

Well, on Monday 26 August 2013, blind golfer Jeff Ellis had a hole in one with a 6 iron on the Par 3 130m 12th at Southern Golf Club in Melbourne. His caddie on the day was Brian Leeming. Congratulations to both Jeff and Brian.

And how's this for a twist in the tale. Brian and his wife Gwen, who are regular caddies for various blind golfers participating in events conducted by Blind Golf Victoria, have between them racked up 4 holes in one; all of them at Southern. Brian got one on the 141m 16th back in 2010. Gwen has 3; the 16th in 1999, the 139m 6th in 2002 and the 16th again in 2012. On the day Gwen had her last hole in one a chap in the same group had a hole in one on the 12th and jokingly said someone might have a hole in one when they got to the 16th.

You can learn more about blind golf here on the Blind Golf Australia website, or see www.internationalblindgolf.com