Mornington Peninsula News, March 2017

The Rosebud Country Club will proudly host the Victorian Blind Golf Championships for the 27th consecutive year.

The 36-hole stableford event will be played over two days beginning on Thursday 16 March and carrying over to Friday 17 March.

The Rosebud Country Club has supported the event since 1990 and with the partnership of Blind Golf Victoria, the championship has grown significantly with 20 golfers from across Australia taking part in this year's event.

Blind Golf Victoria president, Doug Sloan, said the event wouldn't be what it is today without the help of the Rosebud Country Club.

"They're just phenomenal. They assist us with finding caddies and help us throughout the day. The course is very user friendly and they really make us feel welcome. It's not just the matter of golf; it's the matter of socialising and sitting down, talking about your game. We've achieved a lot since we have been down at Rosebud Country Club," Sloan said.

Blind golf is divided into three categories, B1, B2 and B3 depending on the player's vision capabilities, with B1 players being totally blind.

The golfers get assistance from their coaches and caddies to line up the ball and are given a guide on where they should be hitting.

Rosebud Country Club general manager, Danny McGrath, said that the Rosebud Country Club was honored to play host to the championships each year and be a part of such an inspiring event.

"With the assistance of their coaches, totally blind and visually impaired golfers are able to enjoy the key benefits of golf — friendship, exercise and the thrill of hitting a great shot. Most people will think it is essential to have good eyesight to play golf but this event clearly shows that this is not true. Golf is a sport which can be played by anyone regardless of age, gender, ability or disability. Many of us would be in awe of how well the golfers can hit the ball with limited to no vision," McGrath said.

The championship is a truly unique event and is free for the public to spectate. The Rosebud Country Club can't wait to get the Victorian Blind Golf Championships underway.