New South Wales Perpetual VIGS Trophies 1994-2008.
Year Inter-
NSW Open NSW Putting West Of The Mountains Bob Moore Memorial Erik Royds Matchplay Christmas
2008 NSW Rod Mills Rick Krolik Rod Mills Graham Coulton Gary & Eileen Sargent Des Leanfore Gary & Eileen Sargent
2007 NSW Graham Coulton Graham Coulton Gary Sargent   Len Hogg & Ruth Hinson John Beale Gary & Eileen Sargent
2006 NSW Graham Coulton Steve Mitchell Rod Mills   Gary & Eileen Sargent Gary Sargent Jenny Abela & Steve Doyle
2005 NSW Graham Coulton Rod Mills Steve Mitchell   Jenny Abela & Steve Doyle Jenny Abela Jenny Abela & Steve Doyle
2004 VIC Steve Mitchell Steve Mitchell Graham Coulton   Eddie & Dave Low Rod Mills Steve Mitchell & Tony Box
2003 NSW Steve Mitchell Rod Mills Stephen Fagg   Rod Mills & Paul Atkins John Beale Graham Coulton & Brian Turner
2002 NSW No Event   Steve Mitchell   Paul Atkins & Barbra O’Shea Ken Taylor Len Hogg & Gary Pearson
2001 TIED Graham Coulton Lindsay Peck Steve Mitchell   John Beale & Alf Paton Paul Atkins Len Hogg
2000 NSW Richard Saleeba Steve Mitchell Steve Mitchell   Jenny Abela & Wendy Coney Rod Mills Steve Mitchell
1999 TIED Eddie Low Norm Taylor Graham Coulton   Graham Coulton & Brian Turner Robert Davis Rod Mills
1998 NSW No Event   Len Hogg   Des Leanfore & Vic Kelleher Eddie Low Steve Mitchell
1997 NSW Ross Allen   John Hayward   Graham Coulton & Brian Turner John Hayward John Beale
1996 VIC Steve Mitchell   Len Hogg   Graham Coulton & Brian Turner   Len Hogg
1995 VIC Norm Taylor   Eddie Low   Graham Coulton & Rua Kohunui   Len Hogg
1994   Norm Taylor   Erick Kernot       John Hayward